Exam Information

Year 11 GCSE Mocks – April 2016

Monday 18th April – Chemistry (8:50am), Physics (11:30am).

Tuesday 19th April – Maths (8:50am), Biology (11:30am).

Wednesday 20th April – English (8:50am).

Year 11 GCSE Art

Day 1 – Thursday 21st April

Day 2 – Friday 22nd April

Year 13 GCE Photography

Day 1 – Tuesday 22nd March

Day 2 – Tuesday 29th March

Day 3 – Wednesday 30th March

Year 13 GCE Art

Day 1 – Tuesday 26th April

Day 2 – Thursday 28th April

Day 3 – Friday 29th April

Summer 2016 Exams

Exams for both GCSE and GCE students will begin on Monday 16th May until Wednesday 29th June.

The May half term is w/c 30th May 2016.

General timetables have been attached below.

Summer 2016 Results

Results can be collected on the dates below;

GCE – Thursday 18th August. Yr 13 8am, Yr 12 9am.

GCSE – Thursday 25th August 10am




No results will be given out over the phone or via email.