Citizenship Week 2013 – The Year 7 Experience


We had the most amazing time during Citizenship Week.  Each day brought new experiences and different activities.

Monday – Disability Awareness Day
We experienced what it would be like to be in a wheelchair or to be unable to see.  We also learnt how to communicate using sign language.  At the end of the day the Dee Sign Choir came in to perform to us – they were amazing! ‘’Don’t judge someone by what you first see.’’  Year 7 Council “I can now communicate through sign language!”  (B Leahy)

Tuesday – Space Day
tueMr Gillard and the Science faculty organised a ‘Space Day’ for us.  We used a telescope and made a space suit amongst other things.  We also wrote messages to life in outer space and at the end of the day we sent these up into the sky! “Never give up, even if at first you fail.’’  Year 7 Council “Our space suit was the best!”  (N Laycock and C Marlow)

Wednesday – AfriTwin Day
wedOn AfriTwin day we learnt more about the culture and language surrounding our twin school of Tongaat Secondary in South Africa.  We learnt some phrases in Zulu, did some African drumming and dancing and created some African-inspired artwork. “It was a great opportunity to learn about African culture.’’  Year 7 Council “The African dancing was amazing!”  (R Hewish)

Thursday – Problem Solving Day
thursThursday was one big inter-tutor competition.  We had a number of different activities to complete and we had to work together as a team to earn points. In the afternoon we did a mini-Olympics activity which was great fun!  ‘’This was the best day ever – I thought it was awesome!’’’     (M Lovett)

Friday – Forest Fun
friThe whole year group went on a trip to Alyn Waters Country Park where we did some orienteering, art and a walk.  Orienteering was quite a challenge for some but luckily we all managed to find our way to the finish!  It was an amazing day and even the weather held off for us.  “I enjoyed doing the orienteering, especially when me and Harry got lost.’’   (J Tilston)

Thank you for a fantastic week!

Junior Maths Challenge Success 2013

Pupils at Tarporley High School achieved 2 golds, 16 silvers and 36 bronzes in this year’s UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. Over 240,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Junior Maths Challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving the gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze.

Congratulations to Sam Young and Jonathan Melia of year 8 who both achieved gold, with Jonathan also picking up the award for the best in the school. Further congratulations to Joe Windsor in year 7 who achieved silver and received the award for best in year.


 The Junior Maths Challenge is run by the UK Mathematics Trust and aimed at those in Years 7 and 8 and is sat in schools.

Y7 science visit to Chester Zoo

1On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th April students in year 7 visited Chester Zoo with the science department, as an introduction to their next topic on habitats and adaptations. Pupils spent an industrious day walking round the zoo, looking at the special features and behaviour of a variety of different animals.

2Highlights were the new baby black Rhino as well as the usual crowd pleasers in the ‘Realm of the red ape’ and chimpanzee enclosures, although some pupils regretted visiting these right before lunch! The elusive Jaguars also made an appearance, as well as the majestic tigers and lions. True to form, and as is tradition for year 7 at the zoo, at least one student left the bat enclosure with a supposedly fortunate, but nevertheless fairly disgusting present from one of the bats!

4 3

By the end of the day students had seen a huge array of different animals, as well as having walked a fair few miles. All pupils showed real enthusiasm and were a credit to themselves and the school.