Tarporley students produce BBC film

BBC School Report

Two weeks ago, a group of news-faring Y10 students from Mrs Eaton’s English class were excited to hear that their story idea had been well received by a producer from the BBC School Report project. After an exciting phone call to the school, students learned that they had been selected to produce a film and accompanying article exploring the safety of social networking sites for Safer Internet Day.

IMG_3915Soon after, a day of intensive preparation and scriptwriting ensued with students researching the topic including high profile cases involving the use of Facebook and Twitter. On Friday 1st February, excitement was in the air as a film crew from BBC Television Centre in London arrived to shoot the piece. Firstly, students were encouraged to debate the use of Twitter and the dangers of young people using such sites whilst the BBC captured every word. Following this, students split off into key working groups. Some of our aspiring reporters worked closely with online journalist Phil Harlow editing the script whilst others set off to interview key people; our sixth form safeguarding team and police liaison officer, Karl Williamson. It’s safe to say that each student’s skill set was well matched to their task – making Noah Aldous a prime candidate to operate the Boom microphone due to his height! Over the day students learned about the ‘magic of television’ as several silent ‘nodding’ shots were filmed during group debate and the delivery of questions during interviews was filmed several times at varying camera angles! Presenting the film, Harry Warr and Annie Huntbach also demonstrated high levels of professionalism and patience (!) as lines had to be delivered in many takes due to the interference of bus engines during the period 5 outdoor filming session!

IMG_3983Over the day students gained an invaluable taste of the high-pressured world of journalism and represented the school in an excellent capacity as BBC journalists told us they had been ‘singing their praises’ back at the office. They also were proud to have explored such an important and relevant issue for young people.

Following the students’ hard work, on Tuesday 4th February 2013 they were delighted to see that their film was published on the BBC website alongside the article written by Ellie Corlett-Moss and Annie Huntbach. When students realised a link to their film had been selected to appear on the main BBC News homepage for the majority of Safer Internet Day – they knew they’d made it!

The final film can be viewed here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/21328728

The article accompanying the film which you can read here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/21324461

On 21st March 2013 the students, alongside more of their classmates, will be reporting news for the BBC along with many schools across the country as part of the official BBC School Report day. Students will also be uploading their news items to the school website on this day and the BBC website will link directly to it. Look out for their work!

Maddie’s Wonderful Writing

Maddie Berry, a year 10 student, wrote a stunning piece of creative writing and won a writing competition organised by Red House books. Among tough competition, Maddie’s story was selected and will be published in the ‘Red House Young Writer’s Yearbook, 2012’ – an amazing achievement!

Not only will Maddie get to see her work in print, but she also got to attend a writing workshop with author and judge, Matt Whyman, at Catteshall Manor, Surrey.

It was a fantastic opportunity and I am really glad I was lucky enough to take part in it. We explored different methods of descriptive writing to improve our work.Maddie

Earlier this year, she also achieved the Year 9 English prize at Tarporley, thanks to her superb creative writing skills.

Year 10 Sporting Achievements

This autumn, the girls cross country team have all qualified to the next round, with special congratulations to Amy Hinchley who had a clear victory!

The netball team have had a fantastic season winning all of their games with their most successful win being 27-7 against Kings! We wish them all the success next term!

The boys have also been extremely successful, winning their first football match ever 6-3! Unfortunately all the other games were called off due to weather and are rescheduled until after Christmas.So far in rugby the Year 10 boys have come 2nd in a tournament with good performances all round. A big well done to the Basketball Team who are now the Mid-Cheshire Champions.

And finally, Chris Twigg (10KT), Harry Warr (10HW) and Ben Gittens (10MP) have all been selected to represent Cheshire Rugby Union at 15 Group Level.  Very well done to all!