Y7 science visit to Chester Zoo

1On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th April students in year 7 visited Chester Zoo with the science department, as an introduction to their next topic on habitats and adaptations. Pupils spent an industrious day walking round the zoo, looking at the special features and behaviour of a variety of different animals.

2Highlights were the new baby black Rhino as well as the usual crowd pleasers in the ‘Realm of the red ape’ and chimpanzee enclosures, although some pupils regretted visiting these right before lunch! The elusive Jaguars also made an appearance, as well as the majestic tigers and lions. True to form, and as is tradition for year 7 at the zoo, at least one student left the bat enclosure with a supposedly fortunate, but nevertheless fairly disgusting present from one of the bats!

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By the end of the day students had seen a huge array of different animals, as well as having walked a fair few miles. All pupils showed real enthusiasm and were a credit to themselves and the school.