Goodbye to Year 13


TinaWhilst the focal point of the summer term is exams, we have also had to say goodbye to the Year 13’s who had their final day in Sixth Form on May 24th. The day itself was filled with laughter, tears and celebrations as the year group were let out into the world to fend for themselves, whether that be at university, apprenticeships or work. The day was designed to celebrate the last two years, reminiscing over old memories and creating new ones. However, the students couldn’t let this happen without their own input, this included filling Mrs Everton’s office with balloons and hanging some conspicuous ‘team J-Lowe’ banners around school.

20130524_151616The leavers assembly was the most important part of the day; this included personal messages from the sixth form tutors and teachers, which brought many students to tears. Whilst tears were a prominent part of the assembly, Mr Lowe also made sure there were many opportunities for laughter, doing this in the best way he knows how … through embarrassment; getting so carried away that the assembly lasted for three hours! The Year 13’s final school day came to an end with a BBQ and cake, giving the year group one final chance to spend time together before all reuniting at prom on 24th June.

Beth Gray