There’s a real buzz in the MFL department!


There’s a real buzz in the MFL department!

Last term, all Year 7 French and Spanish students were entered into the Foreign Language Spelling Bee, a national competition that encourages learners to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language. In Stage 1, students were given 50 words to learn, which they had to translate from English and spell out in target language from memory!

Our Year 7 students threw themselves into the competition, dedicating time, both at home and in school, to learning their 50 words. Just before Christmas, the Stage 1 Class Competitions took place and each competitor had 1 minute on the clock to translate and spell out as many words as they could! All students did extremely well and the competition was tight, but 12 students have moved onto the second round of the competition, receiving 50 more words to learn!

The 12 winners are: Kizzy Whitehurst, Laura Youngs, Katy Adkins, Molly Bleckly, Ceara Silvano, John Booher, Brandon Staker, Michael Hallsted, Henry Oliver, Phoebe Dobie, Izzie Moulton and Kirsty Thorp.

These students will compete again in February and the four who receive the highest scores will qualify for the Regional Final, which will take place at Manchester University.

Congratulations and good luck to our Stage 2 Spelling Bee competitors, and a huge thank you to all Year 7 students who enthusiastically took part in the first round of the competition, making it such a great success!

Barcelona 2013

Students of Spanish from years 11, 12 and 13 enjoyed a cultural trip to Barcelona from 19 – 24 April. We truly made the most of every minute we had in this amazing city by packing in lots of different cultural activities and opportunities to use our Spanish. We spent most of the time outdoors, taking in the sights of the city on foot and by metro.

042On day 1, everyone went shopping for their picnic lunch in the famous market of La Boqueria on Las Ramblas. It really is a sight to behold with all the exotic fruits and vegetables piled high. There were also some scarier sights for the unaccustomed eye in the form of butchers’ stalls! We then travelled by metro, foot and outdoor escalator to the beautiful setting of Parc Güell, where we ate our picnics, under blazing sunshine, on the famous mosaic bench designed by Gaudí with a panoramic view of the city. On our way home we stopped off on Barcelona’s most chic street to see the famous houses that Gaudí built in his own personal style.

IMG_5998Day 2 was really special. We were lucky enough for our visit to coincide with a local neighbourhood festival, where a “concurs de castells” or a “human tower building competition” was taking place. We watched in awe (and occasionally fear) as the human towers grew ever higher and the smallest member of the team – the enanxeta – climbed fearlessly up the tower of up to 9 people high! We then visited the Sagrada Familia cathedral – you need to see it with your own eyes to believe it as pictures just don’t do this amazing building justice. How many cathedrals have you seen with stone crocodiles and snails slithering up the outside?! After all this excitement, some relaxation was called for, so we headed to the coast for a gentle stroll along the promenade of the Olympic Village and to rest on the sand.

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