Cats the Musical

Cats Notices 5/11/15

Please can all cast members collect a costume letter from B1 at 12.30 Thursday 5th November. This letter is also available to view on the School Website under ‘Cats the Musical’.

Notice for Growltiger’s stand rehearsals next week – Please can Growltiger, growtiger’s gang, all un named cats (cockroaches/mice) and Big Bang Cats attend these rehearsals next week only please!


Dear Parent/Carer,

As you are aware, your child is currently rehearsing for our January production of The Musical ‘Cats’.

‘Cats’ is a culmination of famous poems by T S Elliot, which are communicated through song and dance. In our interpretation of ‘Cats the Musical’ we have categorised the cats into groups that give them more human personas. This makes them more identifiable and helps the students to develop their ‘cat role’ in more depth, through the telling of each of the Cats stories.

The performances of these roles will be strongly supported by their costume. Each of the students have met with me to discuss their costume to make it personal to their role. Each of the Main character cats have met with Miss Proctor to discuss their costume.

Each group of the same type of cats should customise their costume so that they still have an element of individuality. Below is a guide as to what we’re hoping the student’s will be able to achieve for the show:

Type of cats colour Ideas for their type of costume
Chicago Cats Black Black lace tops (long, short, 3 quarter length, halter neck), leggings, black hot pants, tights, fur on wrists, fur leg warmers, tail incorporated into costume, black choker
Victoria’s kittens White and pale pink Ballet in style – White lace bodices long sleeved, baby pink fur around the collar of the bodice, white tu tu’s, white tights, pink cat ears, white pom pom tails with pink bow wrapped around, pink choker
ETC 1 and 2 Crème and taupe Ballet in style and very similar. Short ballet wrap skirts, long sleeved bodices, taupe fur around the collar of bodice, crème cat ears, crème choker, taupe fur around wrists/hands and matching leg warmers
Tappy Cat Ginger , white, black Top hat on head band, waist coat, preferably with tails, tights, choker, shorts, leg warmers
The Rum Tuggies Black and Gold Urban/street in style – tie dyed tops (to be completed with Miss Proctor), black leggings, gold baseball caps, gold cuffs, black wrist fur, plain black trainers, gold choker.


Timid cats Grey,black and white Leggings, bodices, fur around collar/waist, grey ears, striped leg warmers
Alonzo Brown/crème leopard print Leopard print trousers, wite fitted shirt, brown fur (on chest of open shirt, collar with a heart
Big Bang Cats Brown, crème, grey Each cat to take on a similar role to that of the characters in Big Bang Theory. They have been allocated their characters, examples of costume include, bow ties, long sleeved tops, cat logos’s on their tops, tank tops, fur on legs, wrists, cat ears
Sly cats Black with flecks of dark green Black long sleeved tops, black skirts, black leggings, dark green fur collar, leg warmers and belt/tail
Brawler cats Black and brown Ripped black t shirts, black leggings, brown fur
Waltzy cat Ginger/brown/black Ball room dancing costume customised with fur, tail and ears
Cockroaches Black and purple Black leggings, black long sleeved tops (purple head dresses being made by costume team in School) dark purple leg warmers (not furry)
Mice White and grey White long sleeved tops, grey leggings, white fur sewn onto front of white top (mice masks being made in house)white jazz shoes/ballet shoes, white socks, white mouse tail
Un named cats Various cat like colours See images on next page
Growltiger’s Gang Black, brown, dark greys The idea for these characters is that they’re pirate cats, so torn shirts, eye patches, bandanas, black torn/cut trousers, a tail and fur added where appropriate



If you can support your child in making/ creating these costumes, we would very much appreciate this. They have a good idea of their role/character and are hoping to convey this through their costume ideas. You tube is brilliant for ideas and has tutorials on how to make cat like costumes at minimal cost. On the following page, I’ve also attached some examples of cat like costumes to inspire your creation. If your child wishes to bring me photos or ideas for their costume at any time they are always welcome to do so.

The deadline for costume to be brought in to School is Wednesday 6th January. During the singing rehearsal scheduled for that evening, I will be looking at what the groups of cats have produced for their costume.


We have two weekend rehearsals fast approaching that are stated in the rehearsal schedule that your child has and that is available on the School website under ‘Cats the Musical’. These dates are:

Saturday 14th November 10am – 3pm – Run through of the show so far

Saturday 16th January 10am – 4.30pm – Technical and dress rehearsal


It is essential that your child attends these rehearsals as these are the only times we can get the whole cast together.


If you have any further questions, please get in touch with myself at the school.

Yours sincerely


Mrs E Roberts-Williams

(Head of Drama)






Just a reminder that for all of those in the ‘Jellicle Ball stand off’ there will be a half term rehearsal from 10am – 1pm on Thursday 29th October at School.

Students have had meetings this week to discuss costume. Letters will be handed to students regarding costume shortly.

Please can students be reminded to bring their scripts to all rehearsals and to learn lines prior to the rehearsal date.

Many Thanks!

Cats Notice 29/9/15

Jennyanydots, Tappy Cat, all cockroaches and mice who were at Tuesday’s Cats rehearsal to come to B1 at 12.30 today please.

Thursday after School Cats rehearsal, slight change, can all students in the opening Jellicle Cats dance, the Naming of the Cats and Jennyanydots dance please come to the rehearsal to run through this Thursday.

If you are a main character and have still not seen Miss Proctor to be measured, please do so by the end of this week. The students required are:

Isabella Gray –  yr 7

Lucy Bowes – Yr 8

India Williams– Yr 8

Abigail Whittingham – yr 8

Emily Milburn – yr 8

Zoe Phillips – yr 8

Keira Yadav – yr 8

James Bowkett – yr 8

Nicole Morrison – yr 9

Katy Adkins – yr 9

Rosie Jowett – yr 9

Henry Barter – yr 9

Rosie Jowett – yr 9

Henry Barter – yr 9

Niamh Craig – yr 10

Georgia Hazeldine – yr 10

Tegan Berry – yr 11

Charlotte Williams – yr 11

Sarah Hyde – yr 11

Jack Bairstow – yr 12

Megan Latham – yr 12

Katie Balloch – yr 12



Mrs Roberts-Williams