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What does a Lead Learner do?

A Lead Learner:

  • Should support the department they work with (Drama – e.g. put on show etc, helping with productions)
  • Help with Open Evening
  • Improve attitudes to learning
  • Provide subject support for younger students
  • Help with homework clubsWho can be a Lead Learner?

Students with the following qualities make ideal Lead Learners:

  • Achieve within the subject
  • Enjoy the subject
  • Put in a lot of effort
  • Can speak confidently to groups of students and to staff
  • Are prepared to put time in after schoolWhen can a student become a Lead

Learner?The timescale for becoming a Lead Learner is as follows:

  • Should be students in Years 7 – 11 (KS3 & KS4)
  • Chosen at beginning of academic year
  • Sixth Form will have Subject Ambassadors and Subject Mentors and they will be nominated in KS5

This is a new role – for more information see Miss Blackhurst

  • World Pi Day EmailPrintIn celebration of World Pi Day 2015, your Maths Lead Learners would like to invite you to enter our Story Writing Competition.
  • Lead Learners in Maths’ EmailPrintOn Wednesday 22nd October the Lead Learners for mathematics presented our ideas to the maths department during a 2 hour staff meeting.
  • Communications Lead Learner Meeting EmailPrintOn Wednesday the 4th of June the Lead Learners and teachers for the communications faculty (that is languages and IT) met up to discuss our ideas for lessons, our own involvement in Open Evenings and the like, and even homework.