Friends – How you can support your child’s education

In 2005 a group of Tarporley High School parents (our Home School Association) set up the Friends fundraising scheme. Parents and other friends of the school commit to a small monthly contribution to the Friends’ fund that is used wholly to help pay for improvements to the school site and buildings. If every family gave £5 per month we could raise an additional £42,000 per year to transform our children’s working environment.

Since it began, the Friends’ fund has raised over £50,000 which has been used for:

  • Redecoration of classrooms
  • New furniture and carpets
  • Flooring in D Block
  • Refurbishment of corridors and stairwells
  • Stage and Hall curtains
  • Outdoor seating areas

You may have noticed these improvements to the school’s buildings.

None of this could have happened without the help of Friends.

The plan is to continue to work in partnership with the school to upgrade the decoration and furnishings as funds allow. Friends donations are kept separate from all other school income and are only used for planned building improvements. Every penny you give goes to Friends. None of your donations are spent on administration or other costs.

If you think the Friends initiative is worthwhile and you would like to improve your child’s school environment, please consider becoming a Friend.

All you have to do is complete the form that can be downloaded below and return it to school. Your contribution can make a real difference to your child’s learning environment.

Thank you

Tarporley High School Home School Association

All parents and carers are welcome to join the Home School Association. For more information about Friends or the HSA, please contact the school on 01829 732558