Tarporley High School & 6th Form College Teaching Staff

If you would like to contact a member of staff, please ring Reception – 01829 732558. Due to the fact that many teachers are in lessons throughout the day, a message may need to be taken but we always endeavour to respond to your call within 48 hours. Alternatively you can contact us via e-mail using the following address:

Ms S Lee Headteacher
Mr L Martin Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Lowe Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Gildea Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Nuttall Assistant Headteacher/Director of 6th Form
Mrs F Eaton Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Hayes Business Manager
Miss C Blackhurst Associate Assistant Headteacher – Year Achievement Leader
Miss H Nutton Associate Assistant Headteacher – Curriculum Leader
Miss S Shaw SENCO-Inclusion Leader
Miss R Louis Year Achievement Leader Year 7
Mr J Pryor Year Achievement Leader Year 8
Mr M Hutchinson Year Achievement Leader Year 9
Miss V Cheshire Year Achievement Leader Year 10
Miss C Blackhurst Year Achievement Leader Year 11
Mrs T Everton Pastoral Manager 6th Form
Mr B Jones Curriculum Leader – Maths
Miss J Cowap Mathematics
Miss C Blackhurst Mathematics
Miss B Edge Key Stage 4 Achievement Leader – Mathematics
Mr B Law Mathematics
Mr P Morrison Mathematics
Mrs W Newis Mathematics
Miss C Rowley Deputy Curriculum Leader – Mathematics
Miss E Coombs Mathematics
Mr S Walters Mathematics & PE
Miss S Mulholland English
Miss K Dunning Deputy Curriculum Leader – English
Mrs F Eaton English
Mr P Gildea English & Media
Miss M Hrywna English & Media
Mrs K Holme English
Mrs C Toase English
Mr J Lowe English & Media – Assistant Headteacher/Director of 6th Form
Mrs T McMillan KS4 Co-ordinator – English & Media
Mrs V Bryan English
Mrs L Parnaby English
Miss H Chalmers English & Media
Miss R Louis Drama
Mrs E Roberts-Williams Head of Drama & Dance
Mr R Gillard Biology – Curriculum Leader – Science
Mr K Toase Physics – Deputy Curriculum Leader – Science
Mrs J Condell Head of Biology
Mrs V Rutter Biology
Miss A Cogan Biology
Mrs L Clarke Chemistry
Miss L Lobina Chemistry
Mr G Johnson Head of Chemistry
Mr J Stone Head of Physics
Mr G Phillips Chemistry – Assistant Year Leader Year 11
Mr B Voyce Curriculum Leader – Performing, Creative, Arts and Technology
Miss K Proctor Textiles Technology
Mrs S Gregg Food Technology
Mr S Davies Design & Technology
Miss V Cheshire PE
Miss M Devine Head of PE
Mr J Morphet PE & Community Sport Leader
Mr J Pryor PE
Mr S Walters PE / Mathematics
Mr M Monument Head of Music
Mrs E Kefford Music
Mr J Bowland Head of Art
Miss O Jones Art
Mrs A Holloway Technology / Art
Miss H Nutton Curriculum Leader – Communications
Mrs J Clarke Spanish & French
Mrs C Jones German & French
Miss S Cullen French & Spanish
Miss S Pizzutto Spanish, French & Italian – Deputy Curriculum Leader – Communications
Mrs R Rowlands Business, IT & Economics – Work Experience Lead
Mrs A Senior Business, IT & Economics – Head of Business
Mr M Polley Head of ICT & Computing
Mr G Howard ICT & Computing
Mr B Cox Curriculum Leader – Humanities and Social Sciences
Miss N Cook History – Curriculum Development Leader (GTMAS/Literacy)
Mr S Chappell Geography – Deputy Curriculum Leader – Humanities and Head of Geography
Mr M Hutchinson Geography
Mr C Nuttall History
Miss K Smith Geography – PHSE & Citizenship Leader
Miss E Spencer Psychology
Miss H Wesley Head of History
MrA Parnaby RE
Mrs A Senior Business, IT & Economics – Head of Business
Mr L Martin Business & Economics
Mrs R Rowlands Business, IT & Economics – Work Experience Lead