World Pi Day


World Pi Day

Saturday 14th March 2015

(Celebrated in school on Fri 13th March!)

In celebration of World Pi Day 2015, your Maths Lead Learners would like to invite you to enter our Story Writing Competition.

Our competition is open to students, staff and parents alike.

The rules are very simple:

The first word of your story/poem must have 3 letters.

The second word, 1 letter

The third word, 4 letters……..

……. and then continue this pattern, following the digits of Pi (π)

The longest, most impressive story/poem wins!

The winning entry will be published in the next School Newsletter and the writer will win an edible prize (can you guess what this might be?!!)

Please hand your entries to Miss Blackhurst by Friday 13th March.  There will be a postbox in C5 in which to place your entries.

Also featuring on World Pi Day:

  • Pie Eating Competition at lunch
  • Pie Sale at break
  • Inter-tutor quiz
  • ‘Who can quote Pi to the most decimal places?’ competition

Looking forward to reading your entries!!

Arianne Lee 9ER, Kate Ellis 9MH, James Lomas 9SP, Mollie Hall 8SD, Abi Goodier 8KH, Lucas Dorsett 8JM