Lead Learners in Maths’


Lead Learners for Mathematics.

From Left to Right:  Abi Goodier 8KH, Mollie Hall 8SD, Arianne Lee 9ER, Kate Ellis 9MH, Lucas Dorsett 8JM, James Lomas 9SP


On Wednesday 22nd October the Lead Learners for mathematics presented our ideas to the maths department during a 2 hour staff meeting.

So far we have:

  • Attended a Lead Learner Conference
  • Begun to put together our Development Plan
  • Worked with Staff, Ms Lee and Governors in Sharing Best Practice Sessions
  • Supported within the Maths department on Open Evening on Thursday 25th September
  • Completed a Student Survey across Key Stage 3 to get ideas for ways forward
  • Started to plan for World Pi Day on 14th March 2015

We discussed what else we would like to do to support the maths department and how we could drive our ideas forward.

The maths Lead Learners (myself included) made a small presentation based on the lunchtime meetings we have had with Miss Blackhurst and the development plan that we have started to put together.

  • We would like to support teachers by peer assessing other pupils’ books.  We think that other students would like to receive feedback from Lead Learners too!
  • We would like to take responsibility for organising displays around the maths department
  • We would like to put together a range of maths revision quizzes to be used in lessons
  • We would like to help organise World Maths Day and World Pi Day
  • We would like to help on the Year 6 Challenge Days

We are really excited about putting our plans into action!

Kate Ellis 9MH