Communications Lead Learner Meeting


On Wednesday the 4th of June the Lead Learners and teachers for the communications faculty (that is languages and IT) met up to discuss our ideas for lessons, our own involvement in Open Evenings and the like, and even homework.

The languages Lead Learners (myself included) made a small presentation based on the few lunchtime meetings we’d had with Miss Pizzuto and various other members of the faculty (thanks again Mrs Jones for the cakes!), which ended up being mostly lead by us. Representatives from all KS3 years were there for languages and we all took a turn at presenting what we had previously discussed. Unfortunately, we can’t watch movies all the time (although the idea was brought up as an incentive), but we certainly pressed the love for food I’m certain almost all students agree with. World Languages day was also mentioned, and we hope to promote it in the coming years to be a bigger event than ever.

The meeting was also a chance for the IT Lead learners to brainstorm some ideas, and maybe to even incorporate some of our own into IT. Hopefully these meetings will continue and we all look forward to seeing some of our ideas implemented into the scheme of work.

Tegan Berry